Rating system

Our specialists developed the rating system for evaluating ICO projects. Rating System is based on two components: “Boom rate”, “Risk rate” and, of course, on our full analysis. We make the full analysis of each ICO project and evaluate projects based on our rating system. The rating system helps you choose the most interesting ICO projects and bypass the riskiest projects.


AA – The highest probability of project success

A1 – Very high ability to become a successful project

A2 – High ability to become a successful project

A3 – Moderately high ability to become a successful project

BB – Sufficient ability to timely turn into a successful project

B1 – Out of danger in the short term, but a higher sensitivity to the impact of adverse changes

B2 – Higher vulnerability in the presence of unfavorable commercial, financial and economic conditions, but at present there is an opportunity for the success of this project

CC – There is a potential failure of the project

C1 – Unreliable project. Huge risks but lower then DD rate. There is a chance of a scam

DD – The highest probability of a scam. Lowest rating

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