About us

ICOTOP is an independent agency employing a team of blockchain experts. We specialize in making the rating for ICO projects. On the basis of our full detailed analysis, we estimate ICO projects on our rating system.

The goal of our agency is to gather all the essential information about these projects and provide investors with insight, helping them make the right choice and invest in the best project. All the risks (scam, activity, etc.) are standardized according to a universal standard. Select projects receive our full analysis, which our team of experts provides for the good of the investors.

Our own analysis of certain projects will help investors assess the prospects of these projects. It is important to note that we are an independent agency and do not partner with any blockchain projects or advertisement agencies; we work for the good of the investor. We do not just analyze openly accessible data, but also use our internet research to assess the level of risk and hidden facets of blockchain projects.

Our main goal is to scrub the blockchain market from scams and provide investors as much useful information as possible.

Blockchain is gradually becoming a popular technology with many startups. However, scam risks are still prevalent, therefore ICOTOP is striving to become an objective resource, where you can find information about a project in a standardized form and detailed analysis of individual projects.

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