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The Alcedo project is entering the fiat transfers market to provide customers the easy access to cryptocurrencies and build a stable ecosystem. Alcedo has a strong team and advisors, who are highly qualified in relevant industries. The fact that the team has already opened the Alcedo-point with its own cash-machine is a definite plus for Alcedo. Having examined the available information and written this review, we did not identify any significant risks that could negatively affect the price of the token.

General information about the project and ICO:

Alcedo mission is simple: Create values.
Alcedo-Points with the Alcedo-Coin will spread very quickly throughout Germany. Also, the team is in the process of integrating other partners into own system in order to cover all of Europe. Alcedo is building an infrastructure for helping crypto currencies to get mainstream acceptance.

Platform: Ethereum

Technical Standard: ERC 20

Token: ALCE

Soft Cap: 100 000 EUR

ICO Phases:

1. Phase
Date: 2018.12.01 - 2019.01.31
Token price: 0.2 €

2. Phase
Date: 2019.02.01 - 2019.03.31
Token price: 0.3 €

3. Phase
Date: 2019.04.01- 2019.05.30
Token price: 0.4 €

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BTC, DOGE, XRP.

Number of tokens for sale: 1 344 000 000 SRX

Coin distribution: 

Open Sale: 40%
Team: 30%
Business: 15%
Referral/Bonus: 15%

Sale Proceeds Allocation:

Development 40%
Marketing 30%
Reserve 20%
Partnership 5%
Legal 5%

Project Description:


ALCEDO creates an ecosystem that implements blockchain technologies into everyday life. It makes cryptocurrencies accessible and usable for everybody around the world. ALCEDO project aiming at a widespread acceptance of ALCEDOs and other cryptocurrencies.

The ALCEDO-Platform consists essentially of 6 independent components. All of which can interact, but each component can also exist on its own.

  • ALCEDO-Coin
    The ALCEDO-Coin is one of the most important components in the entire ALCEDO project and is designed as an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token at the beginning of the ICO. Of course, ALCEDO-Coins can also be used as currency in addition to their use in the ALCEDO-Ecosystem. This token will be moved in the course of development to a separate blockchain, with the same number of coins and existing ALCE ERC20 tokens are exchanged at a rate of 1:1
  • ALCEDO-Point
    In addition to the crypto ATM’s, ALCEDO-Points will assist customers with the help of the service team. It's the unique opportunity to buy and sell crypto currencies outside of internet exchanges and with the personal help of experts. They will also assist in the use of the ATM’s and answer all questions in regards to crypto currencies.
    ALCEDO-Points are available under a franchising system, which will create jobs and a higher and faster acceptance in society.
    ALCEDO are supporting well-known Crypto-ATMs and building a network in Germany
  • ALCEDO-Wallet
    The ALCEDO-Wallet drastically simplifies the handling of crypto currencies on the smartphone. Very simply, one can send and/or receive different coins. The Wallet is designed to work seamlessly with crypto machines and the ALCEDO-Platform. For the exchange of Euro in crypto currency, the process is almost identical to getting coins at the machine, i.e. scanning the QR code and getting coins. The mobile app includes a map showing all locations of crypto machines in Germany.
  • ALCEDO-POS Terminal
    ALCEDO offers a new solution with high-quality POS terminals that can connect and communicate with ALCEDO-Platform. With such POS terminal, the customer has the opportunity to pay with crypto currency. The terminal processes crypto currencies, as well as regular customer cards, safely and reliably.
    ALCEDO-Cards are equipped for the first time with a built-in NFC chip and can be used at ALCEDO-ATMs and POS-Terminals. This allows customers to quickly and easily buy or sell crypto currencies. In addition, it promotes the dissemination and acceptance of ALCEDO-Coins and other crypto currencies.

Market and Industry Review:

Crypto ATM Market:

The crypto automated trading machine (ATM) market will grow to $114.5 million by 2023, according to a report published Sept. 4 on

Researchers expect the cryptocurrency ATM market to grow from $16.3 million in 2018 to $144.5 million by 2023, citing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 54.7 percent from 2018 to 2023.

According to the study, significant growth during the forecast period will be from two-way ATMs, which let customers buy cryptocurrencies and also sell them using a single machine. The study says that the machines’ functionality is the key driver of two-way crypto ATMs’ popularity among users.

The authors of the report highlight rapidly expanding capabilities in developed countries like the U.S., Germany, and Japan, and the increasing rate of crypto adoption as prime growth factors in the crypto ATM market.

While the crypto ATM market is projected to grow over the next five years, traditional ATM manufacturers consider digital currencies a threat to their business. In March, the world’s largest ATM operator Cardtronics pinpointed cryptocurrencies among the major risks to their business in an annual report. Consumer behavior analysis reportedly showed a significant shift in preferred payment methods, with more customers now choosing electronic forms of payment over traditional physical banknotes, leading to a decline in the use of ATMs.


We have analyzed the Alcedo website and documentation for sufficiency and consistency for making an investment decision.

Information about the project is available in the Website, White Paper, and OnePager. In the White Paper, the project is described in sufficient detail. The main emphasis is on the advantages and components of the platform. The vision is great.

The website also provides information about the project, Token sale, Roadmap, Reward Program, Partners, and the Team.

Summary: The documentation enables a comprehensive view of the project. The vision and plan are described in sufficient detail.


There is a team of 4 core team members.

Key positions are occupied as follows:

Hermann Sanktjohanser, Co-Founder and CEO

Hermann Sanktjohanser successfullt worked for and headed companies after graduation. He is the CEO of Argus Noble Service Gmbh and the owner of the ALCEDO-Platform. He has been a successful enterpreneur and invesor for more than 25 years, with extensive experience in the procurement of precious metals and crypto currencies (Blockchain). As one of the first users in the indusrty, he firmly believes that the world of crypto currencies and precious metals offers a huge potential for growth in the coming years. He has made it his personal as well as his professional goal to build a functioning ecosystem.

Ingo Hofbauer, CFO

Ingo Hofbauer comes from a banking background. He is co-owner of Argus Noble Service GmbH and CFO of the ALCEDO-Platform. With more than 22 years of experience in finance and services he has worked in renowned companies egaged in the distribution of financial products. In 2018, he dedided to take the unique opportunity to become part of the team

Maximilian Sanktjohanser, Co-Founder and Director

Maximilian Sanktjohanser is the initiator / co-founder and director of the ALCEDO-Platform, Maximilian also comes from the banking industry and has a great passion for new technologies. His heart has been beating passionately for the digital world for years. He is one of the pioneers and early investors in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. His techincal understanding enabled him to quickly recognize the possibilities and future of blockchain.

Radoslav Manev, CTO

Trough his experience and dedication, he translates ideas and vision into software development and architecture.

Investment Risks:

In our opinion, the token price will grow with the successful implementation of the milestones established in the roadmap, as well as increasing user and partners interest in the platform.

The main risk of the ALCEDO project is: Whether the product will be able to take a sufficient share of the market.
There are also risks associated with the roadmap.

Thus it can be stated that we have not identified any specific risks for the ALCEDO project.

Total Rate:

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