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Project details:




Token: GES


Product: Real Estate


Small description: GENESIS is an international real estate fund and multifunctional operating platform created on the basis of blockchain and digital technologies.





ICO Details:


Public sale launch: 01 Apr 2018


Public sale end date: 15 May 2018


Crowdsale duration: 1,5 Month


Token type: ERC-20


Token supply: 800 000 000


1 GMBC price: 1 EUR


Aссepted payments: BTC, BTH, ETH, ETC, LTC, XIN, EUR

Project information:

GENESIS is an international real estate fund and multifunctional operating platform created on the basis of blockchain and digital technologies.
All invested funds are used for buying of real estate that becomes the property of the platform and forms its assets, creating the basis for the future development and increase of the market value of the project.

The innovative solutions realized in GENESIS provide the harmonic combination of classic methods of investments in real estate with the possibilities of the most progressive and modern achievements of the digital economy.
The simplicity and convenience of investing, the exclusion of intermediaries, the elimination of borders and freedom of choice, stable guaranteed profit, the highest level of reliability and security of investments are the main features of GENESIS.

GENESIS platform is the united corporate structure that combines all the main features and legal aspects of the classic company and technological decentralized projects created on the basis of blockchain technologies.

A clear and informative user interface with a system of private accounts will provide investors with all necessary information about the investment objects, interests, and payments, transactions, the current market rate of assets and other information.

GENESIS will allow investing in traditional investment tools, such as real estate, in a simple and convenient way. At the same time, it will give to investors the access to use the developing distributed economy of digital opportunities such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Strengths of the project:

  • According to official documentation, the project has initial investment.

  • The project team has the core experience necessary for the development of this project.

  • Project Partners, which include the following:


Weaknesses of the project:

  • The market demonstrates only a moderate growth rate

  • Small financial plan

Development plans:

According to the roadmap, the project will complete the platform before the end of 2018. The team, however.




Information about the project is available via popular services such as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Medium, Facebook, YouTube, and BitcoinTalk.

The team is active on social media. Twitter and Facebook update project news regularly; there is a blog on Medium.

The format of articles about the project shows that they were written mainly at the project's request.

Comments: Project has very good numbers at social media; the marketing campaign is being developed mainly on Facebook and Twitter.

Social media:


Twitter: Tweets: 73, Followers: 3,985

Telegram: Members: 896

YouTube: Subscribers: 13

Facebook: Subscribers: 3,008, Likes: 2,706


The team features 10 people and 2 partners. Information about the main team members as follows:


Dmitry Navoznikov (CEO) - Headed the Department of commercial and corporate law in one of the largest consulting companies of Russia — The Institute of problems of entrepreneurship in Saint-Petersburg. For a long time, he was the consultant on legal issues in RAO UES of Russia, coordinated the realization of joint ventures with PWC, Deloitte, and KPMG. Prior to this he headed the projects for companies of RAO "UES of Russia", Gazprom, RAO "Russian Railways", JSC "SIBUR" and other major Russian holdings.


Waldemar Reimer (Business development) - The private investor and businessman. He has an extensive experience in the crypto industry. He is responsible for the implementing of innovations and partnership, the development of joint projects in GENESIS.


Margarita Gordienko (CFO) - She is responsible for the management of international business accounting and financial planning. She has the following certificates: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (АССА), Certified in Financial Management (CFM)


Aleksander Polyakov (Chief Engineer) - He has EUR-ACE (European Accredited Engineer) certificate. In GENESIS he is responsible for the preparation of expert conclusions and operating management of real estate. Athlete, a member of international table tennis tournaments.




Vitaly Shashkov - Has over 20 years of successful experience in the fields of investment and management of real estate. He owns the commercial and business areas in Russia and Spain.


Aleksander Bystrov - Is the youngest of project managers. In the period from 2007 to 2016 he was the founder and head of construction in company participated in the construction of stadium "St. Petersburg", the unique complex of flood protection facilities in St. Petersburg (dam), the infrastructure for organization Olympic games, 2014, Sochi.


The team has 6 more people.


Summary: The team is mainly from Russia. All team members have indicated their affiliation with GENESIS.


The developers may be contacted using the links below:









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