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The Solarex project is entering the electricity market to resolve the crisis and build a stable system. Solarex has a strong team and advisors, who are highly qualified in relevant industries. The fact that the management has sufficient experience of joint work and is successfully developing its business is a definite plus for Solarex. Having examined the available information and written this review, we did not identify any significant risks that could negatively affect the price of the token.

General information about the project and ICO:

Around one and a half billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity and over 3billion rely on primary biomass for cooking. This number excludes another billion that have no choice but to depend on fossil fuel electric generators for day to day electricity. Africa countries ranked in the top 10 of the lowest access to electricity and over 90 percent of people in Africa Countries users biomass for cooking or Electricity generators that burn fossil fuel. Indoor air pollution from carbon monoxide in stoves is a leading cause of adults and children mortality in developing countries, and this value is ahead of malaria and tuberculosis combined. In Nigeria, foraging energy supply has lead over 60million Nigerians to own fossil fuel generators spending more than N3.5billion annually on the generators. Millions of other residents at a remote location far from the reach of the grid. Lack of electricity is significant as it hampers economic growth and hurt investors confidence.

Platform: Ethereum

Technical Standard: ERC 20

Token: SRX

Soft Cap: 5 000 000 USD

Hard Cap: 30 000 000 USD


Date: 2019.01.28 - 2019.02.28

Bonus: 30%

Token price: $0.5

Token sale: 

Date: 2019.03.01 - 2019.04.30

Token price: $0.5

Bonus: 20% - 0%

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BTC, DOGE, XRP.

Number of tokens for sale: 1 344 000 000 SRX

Token distribution: 

For ICO Sale 56%
Advisory Service 5%
Marketing Spend 2%
Bonus 9%
Bounty 2%
Airdrop 1%
Partnerships 5%
Reserve 15%
Founding Team 5%

Use of Proceeds:

Development 60%
Operation 20%
Licensing 5%
Marketing 5%
Reserve Capital 10%

Project Description:

Solarex ICO Project is an innovative, disruptive, decentralized, decarbonized, and democratized blockchain based solar energy ecosystem. An ecosystem that will offer Cleaner and cheaper energy for all.


To become the largest blockchain based solar energy provider, most efficient and sustainable energy ecosystem, offering energy at an affordable price for all, setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly, focusing on customer satisfaction. The target is to make Solarex Energy available across the globe, most especially in African markets with excellent service delivery

Why Solarex is Needed

 1.5 billion people across the globe lack ELECTRICITY supply, half of which live in AFRICA, (Daily Post Nigeria 2018). 

Across 36 AFRICAN countries, just 4 in 10 enjoy a reliable supply of energy throughout the day, this means regular blackouts and vulnerable security (CNN 2016). 

7 out of every 10 people DO NOT have access to electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa (Washington Post, 2015)

 The Problems Solarex Has Identified

  • An absence of grid power in remote and developed location. Lack of safety and reliability. Environmental and Public health; Major hazards from the polluting energy sources. Lack of transparency and security in power transactions.

  • Adaptability and resilience; regular blackout from power failure.

  • Unaffordable energy cost.

  • Unnecessary loss of energy in a centralized grid during transmission.

  • Market entry barriers both as a producer and as a consumer (e.g. financing and Setup charges).

  • Poor capacity utilization in a critical plain area.

  • Energy thieves.

How Solarex will Address Problems

Solarex has come up with a unique solution and strategies to remedy the global mammoth energy crises. The Solarex Ecosystem which is design upon 8pillars, When fully implemented It will be 'ENERGY FOR ALL'

Blockchain and Smart contract application will eliminate the following problems;

  • Lack of transparency and security in power transactions.
  • Poor capacity utilization. 
  • Fraudulent activities.

Peer 2 Peer Energy Trading will address the following problems in the current electricity network;

  • Unnecessary loss of energy in a centralized grid during transmission.

  • Poor Capacity utilization.

  • Adaptability and resilience.

  • Excessive load in a centralized system.

Smart Meter will address the following problems;

  • Energy theft – Smart meter will detect any bridge in the network.

  • Lack of transparency and security in energy transactions – Smart meter will give accurate energy consumption and users will be able to get a real-time report of their energy data.
  • Poor capacity utilization in a critical pain area – Smart meter will ensure the actual energy purchased is delivered to a consumer. Excess energy will be read by a smart meter and referred into the grid.

  • Adaptability and resilience – The Smart meter will be able to isolate a line in the grid that has a fault and allow the other part of the grid to function without fully disruption of energy supply to that network. Thereby avoiding total and regular blackout.

AI and IOT will eliminate the following problems;

  • Unnecessary loss of energy in a centralized grid during transmission: The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Solarex ecosystem means the Solarex energy network will be very intelligent and be able to determine factors consumer consumption habit, consumers distant from nearest solar energy generating point. These data will be used by Solarex to deliver better services.

  • Poor capacity utilization in a critical plain area: The use of AI will ensure that the right amount of energy is delivered to the right consumer.

  • Adaptability and resilience; regular blackout from power failure: The IoT provides the intelligence for you to identify issues in real time, as the error occurs so the source can be located and resolved quickly.

Smart Microgrid will solve the following problems;

  • An absence of grid power in remote locations – Microgrid can be set up in any small settlements to take cake of energy distribution in a locality.

  • Safety and Reliability – Solarex Microgrid will be below ground in most cases and if a microgrid is down, it will not affect other microgrids unlike the centralised network.

  • Adaptability and resilience; regular blackout from power failure – Solarex microgrid will also contribute to solving this problem as Solarex grid is a smart one that will detect any problem and relay messages to an operator in Realtime. Each grid is a segment of its own and cannot affect operation in another grid.

  • Unnecessary loss of energy in a centralized grid during transmission – Solarex is using the latest technology and Solarex smart grid has inbuild parameters to help curtail this problem.

Solarex Project financing options will solve the biggest problem – 

Market entry barriers both as a producer and as a consumer (eg, financing and Setup charges). Resolving the problem of financing project will create room for wider adoption of Solarex ecosystem, thus more people, communities, villages, and towns will have equal opportunity to access energy

  • Solar energy will to a large extent solve the problems below;

    Environmental and public health; Major hazards from the polluting energy sources – Energy will be generated from the Sunlight, thereby eliminating the burning of fossil fuel or use of nuclear (Radioactive) elements to generate energy.

  • Access to energy in a remote location – there will no longer exist the need to transport energy over a long distance to a remote location.

  • Centralization problems – energy will be generated in a decentralized method and it will eliminate ineffectiveness of the centralized grid.

  • Unaffordable energy cost – solar energy is one of the cheapest forms of energy generation as such the problem of the high cost of electricity will also be eliminated.

  • Energy theft – Solarex Ecosystem will eliminate energy thieves with the home-based energy generation will put an end to energy theft.

Market and Industry Review:

Solar Energy Market:

The global solar energy industry is expected to reach $422 billion by 2022. Solar energy is the radiant energy emitted from the sun, which is harnessed by using various technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaic cells, and others. It is an efficient form of unconventional energy and a convenient renewable solution toward growing greenhouse emissions and global warming.

The growth of the solar energy market is driven ban y increase in environmental pollution and provision of government incentives & tax rebates to install solar panels. In addition, a decrease in water footprint associated with solar energy systems has fueled its demand in power generation sectors. The demand for solar cells has gained major traction owing to a surge in rooftop installations, followed by an increase in applications in the architectural sector. Furthermore, the demand for parabolic troughs and solar power towers in electricity generation is expected to boost the demand for concentrated solar power systems.

Nigeria Market:

Solarex Project will first of all be launched in Nigeria and then spread quickly to all other Africa counties.

Nigeria is a vast country with a total of 356,667square miles (923,768 square km), of which 351,649 square miles (910,771 square km or 98.6% of total area) island. Nigeria with a population of about 140 million people and situated approximately 4 0 North and 130 North, with a landmass of 9.24 x 10 5 km2. Nigeria is endowed with an annual average daily sunshine of 6.25 hours, ranging between about 3.5 hours at the coastal areas and 9.0 hours at the far northern boundary and an annual average daily solar radiation of about 5.25 kW/m2 /day at the coastal area and 7.0 kW/m2 /day at the northern boundary. Consequently, Nigeria receives about 4.851 x 1012 kWh of incident solar energy per day or an average of 1.804 x 1015 kWh annually. This annual solar energy value is about 27 times the nation total conventional energy resources in energy units and it is over 117,000 times the amount of electric power generated in the country.

The electricity demand in Nigeria far outstrips the supply and the supply is epileptic in nature. The country is faced with acute electricity problems, which hinders its development, notwithstanding the availability of vast natural resources in the country. About 60 percent of Nigeria’s population has no access to electricity and 90 percent of them live in rural areas. Electricity consumption in Nigeria has been growing at a very rapid rate over the decades. Between 1970-2004, consumption of electricity in the country increased from 752 million kWh to 8576.3 million kWh and electricity consumption is expected to increase substantially in the coming decades as well. However, as power demand studies have projected a medium to long-term electricity demand of 30,000MW and 192,000MW respectively, there will need to be a substantial improvement in the energy production and supply sector if this demand is to be met. This is where Solarex will come to take advantage of the market. The current installed capacity of grid electricity is about 6000MW, of which about 67 percent is thermal and the balance is hydro-based. Hence, the urgent need to implement the Solarex Ecosystem which will be able to meet the energy demand in Nigeria and Africa at large. Uninterrupted Energy plays the most vital role in the economic growth, progress, and development, as well as poverty eradication and security of any country, And most essentially, uninterrupted energy supply. As future economic growth of a nation crucially depends on the long-term availability of energy from sources that are affordable, accessible, and environmentally friendly. Solarex has taken on the responsibility to offer clean and cheap energy for all. Solarex will become an Independent Power Producer in Nigeria and expand to other countries


We have analyzed the Solarex website and documentation for sufficiency and consistency for making an investment decision.

Information about the project is available in the Website, White Paper, Privacy Policy,  OnePager, and FAQ. In the White Paper, the project is described in sufficient detail. The main emphasis is on the major challenges the Solarex Project seeks to address, Provide solutions, Identify target markets and implement the road map to realize vision. The vision is great.

The website also provides information about the project, Token sale, the Roadmap, Benefits, and the Team. The website is presented in English. The whitepaper is presented in English and Chinese.

Summary: The documentation enables a comprehensive view of the project. The vision and plan are described in sufficient detail.


There is a team of 7 core team members, and 2 GPCC along with nine advisors.

Key positions are occupied as follows:

Oti Edema, Founder/CEO

Entrepreneur, Certified Blockchain Expert, Blockchain Developer, MSc Computer Networking, BSc Applied Physics and Certified Project Manager.

Ashish Verma, Solar Development & Strategy

Leading the Solar Development Analyst Team at Adani North America, with the blended mindset of Technolgy- Business/Finance, Strategic Development & Market Intelligence.

Michael Creadon, Senior Global Strategist

CEO of 4Rev, a global crypto research blog. Served for two decades as CEO of Traditum, Widely quoted in the media for his market views and trading industry insights.

Masoud Hakimi, Director, Micrologic Design

Director Micrologic Cambridge Senior Lecturer Practitioner in Electronics, RT Software Design and Development.

Abhinav Gambhir, CTO

Blockchain Leader Program Lead - IEEE Worldwide blockchain Initiative Webmaster - IEEE Computer Society R&D Engineer - Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Software Developer.

Tim Reynolds, COO

Chartered Engineer & Environmentalist, an entrepreneur with experience of corporate direction and governance Teaches Sustainable Technologies for the Master's Degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge UK.

Marcel Arsenault, CMO

Over 17 years' experience in IT and Information management fields with all three levels of government and within the private sector. He is an excellent communicator and fully bilingual in French and English.


Alex Linenko, Expert in Crypto Economy

Co-founder at, IDACB Advisory Board Member, Top ICO advisor, Expert Blockchain Projects Developing and DM Processes Automation.

Giacomo Arcaro, Strategic Advisor

Growth Hacking for ICO & STO, ICO STO Advisor, Business Developer. Giacomo has acted as advisor in many successful ICO

Giovanni Casagrande, Advisor

Blockchain and ICO Maestro; ICO and STO Advisor. Growth hacker, Expert Blockchain Technology, Crypto Investment, and a Public Speaker.

Kamal Mustafa, Advisor

Data Scientist, Expert in Machine Learning, Statistics, Proven abilities in analyzing and interpreting unique problems through logical thinking to get the right Solutions.

Alex Savkin, Advisor

CEO Adamant Capital Network, More than 5 years of experience in investing in the market of crypto-currencies and more than 250 analytical reviews of ICO in his portfolio.

Mauro Andriotto, Financial Expert

Proff in Finance, Founder Andriotto Financial Services, European Commission, Expert in Corporate finance, Risk Management and Quantitative Models for big Corporations.

Saiteja Kuruva, Advisor

Expert in the implementation of ICO right from the beginning to the end. Currently researching the implementation of Blockchain on various platforms.

Rumen Slavchov, Advisor

Technical Support Team Manager at Sutherland, Project Manager, Technical Team Lead, Chief Relationship Officer and Sales Manager CoinPoint Group.

Dr. Vidy Potdar, Expert

Ph.D. Computer Science, Senior Research Fellow Energy, Management and Informatics, Blockchain Consultant and Cyber Security Expert, Smart Grid and IOT.

Investment Risks:

In our opinion, the token price will grow with the successful implementation of the milestones established in the roadmap, as well as increasing user and partners interest in the platform.

The main risk of the Solarex project is: Whether the product will be able to take a sufficient share of the market.

Thus it can be stated that we have not identified any specific risks for the Solarex project.

Total Rate:

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