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BetOnChart is a unique sports betting platform with blockchain functionality. It turns regular betting into a fun and dynamic game while ensuring a high level of transparency. BeyOnChart introduces a completely different approach to betting as well as addresses the key issues of the traditional gambling industry.

Czech Republic, January 2017
Project description
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Bet on Chart is a new concept of football betting, where the players can make in-play bets and follow the match at the same time. Every match is represented by a live chart, and the betting process is very similar to financial trading, you only need to predict where the chart is going to be within a certain time frame.

The founders of BetOnChart, brothers Kirill Bykov and Pavel Bykov, are set to reimagine the whole system of football betting so that it would become more accessible, dynamic and fun. With the support of a team of experienced developers, who had previously worked on their quite successful financial betting projects, they have managed to create a platform that turns betting into a game where every user has a real impact and can gain significant profits. 

In addition to the Singleplayer mode, where users will play against the house with fixed bookmaker odds and fiat currencies, there is a Multiplayer mode, which is a whole different story. By placing a bet in Multiplayer, user gets assigned to one of two teams: of those who have bet up, or those who have bet down. Bets of both teams are forming a bank, that gets split between the winning team members upon the time frame expiry. This system creates a sense of vigorous rivalry between the users and leads to unexpected outcomes in every single match. With an intuitive and straightforward interface that kind of experience makes football betting shine anew.

In order to enable users from different regions playing with each other, BetOnCHart team has created its own token, that is called CHART. It’s an ERC20 standard token that will be sold during the ICO starting from May 2018. CHART’s utility goes beyond the in-game currency, it is a solid investment tool, that is going to be listed on major exchanges, bringing additional income opportunities for those who possess it. 

BetOnChart is a couple of steps away from a full release, and after it’s out, the face of sports betting industry will never be the same. Introduction of chart visualization is truly groundbreaking, and will definitely appeal to seasoned punters and to those who has never bet before. This is the key event along with the World Cup 2018, and the best possible moment to revolutionize betting and turn it into a wide-spread game.

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ICO Date:
01.05.2018 — 01.10.2018
Token Distribution:
70% - For Sale
10% - Reserve Fund
7% - Advisors Share
6% - Growth Tokens
4% - Team Share
3% - Bounties
Technical details:
ERC20 Standart Token
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