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Kryptono Exchange (a.k.a. Krypto NOW with its native token KNOW) is a new global crypto exchange with world-class technology and security. Kryptono features advanced crypto-to-crypto trading and also allows users to buy and sell cryptos with fiat via a peer-to-peer network.  Initial Exchange Offering will be available for selected projects on Kryptono’s XPAD.  Our mission is to bring crypto finance to the next level and to the masses

Singapore Jan 1st 2018
Project description
ICO Details

Ahead of its launch on June 1 2018, upcoming cryptocurrency exchange Kryptono is already attracting massive interest from potential users, with its Telegram community reaching 50,000 followers within 48 hours of its release of the project’s whitepaper on Friday, April 20 2018. This makes it one of the fastest growing communities for an upcoming blockchain project ever. 

Kryptono is a new world-class cross-blockchain crypto-to-crypto exchange with an additional P2P fiat conversion feature, on which users can buy and sell crypto with fiat currency via a peer-to-peer network within its community. The native token used in the Kryptono Exchange is called KNOW, which can be used to pay for the transaction fees on the Kryptono Exchange at a discounted rate. BTC and ETH will also be accepted to pay for transaction fees at standard rates. 

The team behind Kryptono Exchange had identified major issues from existing exchanges. These include the lack of proper security procedures and processes in place to safeguard users’ assets, and the lack of systematic and machine intelligence systems to prevent the price manipulation of ill-liquid cryptocurrency in order to safeguard user’s portfolio’s values. To address these shortfalls, the team developed Kryptono Exchange. 

Kryptono Exchange team strongly believes in creating good user experience when it comes to trading cryptos. The following elements have been designed for good user experience: (i) speed and intuitive user graphical interface (ii) security measures to protect user’s asset (iii) transparency of the accounting system for users to see clearly where their money is from (iv) organized and responsive customer service and (v) price manipulation prevention of ill-liquid cryptos.

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ICO Date:
01.06.2018 — 12.10.2018
Token Distribution:
5% - will be given away to users on platform, partners, and bounty programs.
40% - will be sold on the exchange over time for traders to buy to pay for transaction fees. Transaction fees will be used primarily to pay for continued software platform development and maintenance, operational costs, business development and marketing.
10% will be sold to private funds for strategic partnerships
20% - will be for management and advisors.
15% - will be reserved for employees and future expansion.
Technical details:
ERC223 Token
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