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Daox is a solution that lets startups and investors form decentralized autonomous organizations which serve as advanced intermediaries.

Russia, May 2017 .
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Daox is a solution that lets startups and investors form fundraising decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Fundraising DAOs play the role of advanced intermediaries between startups and its investors providing a leap forward in the efficiency of investing and raising funds. 

They are lowering the risks for both investors and startups and also have many other benefits such as transparency in business relations, easy communications, decentralized decision making, complete independence, and of course engagement into the Daox Ecosystem. 

The Daox Ecosystem consists of investors, startups, DAOs and third-party services. Third-party software developers and service providers are integrating their services and tools for startups and investors via Daox Open API, thus fueling the continuous growth of abilities and efficiency. 

To interact with the ecosystem and to build DAOs there is the Daox platform. It is a simple and user-friendly interface for startup teams, investors and service providers. The platform is already operating. The DXC Token is the cryptocurrency for Fundraising DAOs. 

The DXC token enables all the interactions in the Daox ecosystem. It has a built-in functionality to be easily integrated with third-party services. From a legal standpoint, the DXC is a utility token. 

So, Fundraising DAOs combine all the benefits and best practices of crowdfunding, ICO, VC, and blockchain technology, making this kind of entities the smartest fundraising tool nowadays.

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ICO Date:
31.07.2018 — 30.09.2018
Token Distribution:
70% - Public and Private Sale
20% - Team
5% - Advisors
5% - Bounty and Marketing
Technical details:
ERC20 Standart Token
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